The Tours



This safari tour takes you right into the heart of the desert where you experience the excitement of a roller-coaster tour down the astonishing high dunes. A stop for a breathtaking view of the endless desert will give you an opportunity to watch the sun-set over this tranquil scenery.

Afterwards we reach the AL SHAMSI BEDOUIN VILLAGE where you can board on the ‘ship of the desert ‘ and where you will enjoy the contrasts of a desert night. Here you will get an unique insight into the traditional life of the Bedouins. Dress yourself in the traditional Arabic dress, enjoy the freshly made Arabic sweets, try the ‘hubbly-bubbly’ and the henna painting and learn about the important role that falcons are playing here in the local life…..and if you had enough activities just laze around on the carpeted ground or wander around the camp and enjoy the silence of the desert.

A delicious BBQ dinner with grilled specialities cooked on site is waiting for you then and you have the choice between a variety of appetisers, salads and sweets. Finally a belly dancer will entertain you and just come an try to shake your body to the rhythm of the Arabic drums.

A popular and lovable hobby which has existed in the Arabian Peninsula since time immemorial and continues to be highly prized among UAE citizens today. Falcons are trained specially for hunting.

Arabic Coffee
Coffee is served on every occasion as a sign of welcome and hospitality. A lavish hospitality born from the harsh and lonely desert but rein emphasizes its importance, continues to be a vital aspect of liforced by a religion which fe in the emirates.

Henna Painting
The art of hand painting, which symbolizes festivities and celebrations, is popular, especially among women in the Arab world.