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An unforgettable adventure awaits you in at the world’s most advanced water theme park. Situated between Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is designed to offer hours of fun and pleasure to thrill-seekers and families alike.

With 24 rides and attractions, most of which inter connect, guest are able to enjoy continous waterborne movement. With state-of-the-art rides, including 8 Master Blaster and 2 Flow Riders, the Wild Wadi is packed with thrills and spills for children of all ages. Experience the exhilaration of weighlessness on the “Jumeirah Sceirah” a speed slide that hurtles you at speed slide outside North America cascading a breathtaking one hundred feet into the valley below.

The Wild Wadi Waterpark is designed around a tale from Arabian Folklore featuring Juha and his seafaring friend, Sinbad. The design and attention to detail, including characters to support the theme recently led to our World Waterpark Association Industry Innovation Awards for Outstanding Accommplishment design and Theming.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai - Juha's shipwrecked Dhow & Lagoon
Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai - Surfing
Wild Wadi Water Park -  Rushdown Ravine

Wild Wadi World

There are 90 lifeguards on duty at any given time in Wild Wadi. Each is trained according to the Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Programme, widely regarded as the world’s best lifeguard training scheme.And if that’s not enough, an independent team of experts inspects the park four times a year to guarantee Wild Wadi’s rigorous safety standards are maintained.

Education can be fun. Honest. Just try our sun and water safety programme. Ideal for children between 4 and 12, the programme teaches them how to play it safe in a waterpark, while having a great time. It also serves as an introduction to the Junior Lifeguard Programme.

Imagine spending an entire day in the park, enjoying the rides, the food, the drinks and even buying great stuff from Souq Al Wadi, and not having to carry a single buck in your pocket! At Wild Wadi you can do just that. Our cashless payment system (just a techie term for a nifty waterproof wristband) stores electronic credits, which can be used to buy whatever you need in the park. If any credit is left over you can have it refunded at the end of the day.

Seen one mall, seen them all? Wild Wadi’s Souq Al Wadi promises a different experience. To begin with it doesn’t look like a shop at all. Built to resemble a cave and packed with all kinds of cool stuff, you’ll soon know what Ali Baba felt like when he said ‘Open Sesame’.

Our themed retail outlet sells a comprehensive range of Wild Wadi merchandise, such as swimwear for children and adults, swim and play shorts, polo shirts, baseball caps, backpacks, beach umbrellas, towels, wallets and mugs.

When we first dreamed of building Wild Wadi, we decided to create a waterpark that was totally unique, something not seen in this part of the world before. So we went globetrotting, travelled everywhere from the States to the Far East, for new ideas to help us build the best waterpark in the Middle East. The result is a radically different waterpark. Wild Wadi breaks new ground in.